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The Different Types of Spa Treatments

When spa is mentioned to you, it’s no secret that the first things that enter your mind are massages and facial treatments. It may be true that facials and massage are the most sought after services in a typical spa, there actually are other services and treatments you should be aware, too.

Let’s take a closer look at what these different spa treatments are:

1 – Body Treatments
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Even though you’re probably more focused on exfoliating and moisturizing your facial skin, the thing is your entire body also needs the same type of treatment. That’s why if you visit a conventional spa today, you’ll see that there are actually a wide range of skin treatments intended for the whole body, including but not limited to body polishing, aqua therapy, body wraps, and vichy showers. Each type of treatment has its own benefits to the body, including improved blood circulation, exfoliation, and hydration.
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2 – Massage

The reason why we’re talking about massage as a spa treatment, although everyone already knows about it, is because it is worth to discuss the many different types. Swedish massage that used oil is probably the most common in spas, but there are others which are as equally interesting, including deep tissue, hot stone, pregnancy, and reflexology massages, with every single one targeting a specific part of the body.

3 – Nail Treatment

You also can avail of nail treatments from majority of the spas in town. Yes, it’s quite true that you can get a manicure and pedicure at cheaper prices in a nail salon, but the thing with spas is that you’ll get more than just plain nail treatment. For example, nail technicians are trained to use modern techniques to soften and exfoliate the skin as well as use paraffin treatments.

4 – Face Treatments

Back in the day, facials were nothing but a way to give a customer a smoother skin. But facials today have evolved a lot and turned out to be a legitimate skin-care treatment procedure made up of several things like exfoliation, moisturizers, steam, peels, massage, and masks. Some of the most popular reasons why people want a facial include that of removing clogs in the pores, hydrating a fresh layer of skin, massage for better circulation, and removing dry skin.

5 – Hair Removal

When it comes to hair removal services in spas, there is no doubt that waxing is the most popular. This hair removal procedure, at least for the most part, is performed by aestheticians who will apply the hot wax to the skin. It’s true that waxing can remove all hair in the different parts of the body, but in spas, customers regularly ask for specific areas like the leg, back, chest, eyebrows, upper lip, and the bikini areas.

Those right there are the most common spa treatments and it’s quite obvious that all of them are really intended to make you look better and youthful.