These are some of the famous Indonesian Cuisine in the World, you should try them

From Sabang to Merauke certainly a lot of culinary choices that you can eat in this country. This also causes Indonesian food is always featured in the world culinary festival event because almost all Indonesian culinary tourism is using spices that can not be found in other countries. This is why Indonesian food is so much in demand and has its own distinctive. Here are 8 culinary from Indonesia is very famous in the world.


Food made from this piece of cow’s tail through a very long process so it feels to be very delicious and popular. First of this cow’s tail is spiced with spices and then burned freshly put into the gravy broth. Usually, oxtail soup will be served with sliced carrots, potatoes, celery chives, tomatoes and not forget the fried onions.

But who would have thought, if this oxtail was ever presented at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Madrid, Spain.


Processed foods from young jack fruit cooked with palm sugar and coconut milk are often found in Yogyakarta. This sweet, spicy taste is always crowded by local and foreign tourists. Culinary is always a favorite of this was also located in Melbourne, Australia precisely in the Clayton Road area.

Gudeg shop located in Melbourne is one of the restaurants that provide original gudeg Indonesia.


If abroad we can find a salad, unlike the case of Gado-gado typical of Indonesia made from spices and herbs native to Indonesia. In the past 2010, gado-gado became the first champion in the international cooking competition in the category of culinary aesthetic dish show in Naples, Italy.


Now it was Tempe’s turn to be discussed. Foods made from soybeans is already often in culinary festival in the world. This typical Indonesian food is most often a re-processed food ingredients with a variety of flavors and cuisine.

Not only in Indonesia, apparently in London there is also street food called shopTempe and very popular by the surrounding community.


This particular food that comes from Padang, not only popular in Indonesia alone, even outside the country of Indonesia much preferred. As evidence of a restaurant that provides typical food of the prairies opened in America. Naturally, if this one favorite food to residents outside Indonesia, because rendang is one delicious food not only from beef but the spices or sauce from the rendang is tasty and delicious that can spoil our tongue with the delicious, Now available Simple spice of rendang, so you do not have to bother to make it.