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Common Types of Tea

Tea is one of the most popular beverages all over the world. In fact, it’s the second most consumed beverage, behind only water. It’s been consumed for several thousand years and many parts of the world cultivate their own unique varieties. There are more than three thousand tea blends available and more flavors are developed daily. It can be tricky to pick a tea, with plenty of different flavors available. So, these are the 4 most common tea varieties across the world.

Black tea

The most oxidized of teas, black tea is stronger too and is richer in caffeine than other varieties. In the oxidation process, the tea leaves lose water and absorb more oxygen. One kind of black tea is called pu-erh, which is doubly oxidized and is thus stronger than other black tea varieties. Black tea is made out of dark brown and black leaves, which are produced during the oxidation process. Although it’s known as black tea, it’s in fact crimson and so it’s called crimson tea by the Chinese.

White tea

White tea is the complete opposite of black tea in that it’s undergoes minimal oxidation. But the tea leaves that prepare white tea are plucked from young buds. Of the many kinds of tea, white tea is the most subtle and contains some natural sweetness. Popular kinds of white tea include African white, Assam white, Ceylon white, and Darjeeling white. Studies have shown that white tea’s antibacterial properties are superior to those of green tea.

Green tea

Green tea is the exact opposite of black tea as it’s the least oxidized tea variety. Moreover, it contains the least caffeine content; hardly exceeding 30 %. Taking green tea regularly provides numerous health benefits, including reduced risk of some types of cancer and heart attacks. Just 10 % of the entire tea produced and consumed around the world is green tea. But it’s quickly becoming more and more popular, especially in regions where the most popular variety is black tea.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is quite popular among the Chinese and is less oxidized than black tea, but more than green tea. Since it’s one of the best, it’s very expensive as well. It’s the perfect option for those who don’t like the subtle flavor provided by green tea and strong flavor provided by black tea. Based on the leaves used and where it’s cultivated, oolong tea is categorized into many different varieties. No matter which variety you pick, oolong tea is one the best types of tea made in China and has a better taste without sugar or milk.

Whether you’re consuming tea for health, or just want to enjoy it, what matters most is finding tea that you like, that fits your taste, occasion and mood.
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