Best Horse Racing Tips

Who doesn’t like a flutter on the gg’s now and then? Well, most of the population to be fair but that needn’t stop us lovers ofplacing a bet on the horses from being deterred.

But where are the best horse racing tips? Do they come to us in dreams, via a unicorn? Of course not! It’s through consistent study, analysis of a horse’s mark, being aware of weather conditions and how your Nap of the Daywill react to the arduous, or fair conditions, they’ll have to face come the off.

It’s never a given, when it comes to picking a winner. Even insider information (if that even exists) can fall to floor and leave you out of pocket. Even the old “you can put your mortgage on it, mate!”, should have no influence on where you place your hard-earned money,

It’s not too difficult to develop a following and proclaim yourself to be a horse racing tipster. A basic knowledge of using social media platforms like Twitter can put you in good stead if you manage to pick a couple of winners, now and then. You’ll soon find yourself being hailed as an insightful champion if you pick a few winners on any one day.

So, how do you go about picking the best out of a huge bunch. Well, initially we suggest selecting the tipsters who are obviously living the dream. In that, they have their own blog or website where they write about their observations and unashamedly announce their tips for any given horse race, on any day too. For more of an idea of what we mean check out The Winners Enclosure, you’ll find a wealth of lists, previews, insights and unashamedly listed horse tips.


There are many other tipster’s sites online too, but a lot of them are just listing other people’s analysis. Ensure you check out their social media profiles too. This means, if they have a Twitter account check out their tweets and look at the feedback they’ve received.  The same goes for Facebook and other social platforms they may have used.

You can learn a lot by taking a peek at what they have been writing and commenting on, from this you can soon begin to make your own minds up…


Good luck and happy banking!