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Tips on Choosing a Bio Medical Freezer When buying a new ultra low freezer for your company, medical laboratory, or clinical laboratory, you need to consider a few things that meet the requirements of your purpose. You need to understand that buying a new vaccine refrigerator is a significant investment for your medical company. But, it is important to know the difference between home refrigerators and medical freezers. Once you have decided to buy a new freezer for your clinical lab, storage features are some of the major things to put in mind. Also, you need to understand the suitable temperature conditions under which specimens should be stored. Therefore, the type of freezer you choose must meet those temperature thresholds. The market for the biomedical freezers and vaccine refrigerators is flooded with a wide range of products from different manufacturers. Therefore, it will be nice to take time and do your homework before selecting any particular model. Every medical manufacturer will market their products as the best. Bearing in mind that some of the marketing information is biased and vague, you need to do extensive research so that you can get the best model for your needs. Also, the price range of a freezer should be within your budget. It will not be reasonable to purchase too expensive equipment, which you won’t even utilize to the maximum. So, the best freezer’s size should be based on the size of the lab and the usage it will be put in.
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When running a pharmaceutical or laboratory clinic, probably you will want to keep vaccines and test samples in a safer place under the recommended temperature. This can be achieved through buying a perfect freezer and ensuring specimen storage procedures are followed appropriately. New medical companies may not know the different between home refrigerators and medical freezers, and that is why some of that is why some of them make mistakes when choosing a new equipment.
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So, it is vital to check the design features first before choosing a medical freezer. A typical medical freezer is meant for storing specimens without contaminating them. The storage space should also be adequate to accommodate specimens in different compartments. Additionally, the choice of freezer will also be influenced by the type of specimens you work on because different specimens should be stored under different temperature conditions. You can even have several units for various types of sample tests. Any medical manufacturer should know how to store sensitive specimens and test samples. The unit should have special compartments to store such specimens safely. It is also necessary to think about the available space to put your medical freezer. It is not advisable to start forcing a freezer in a small space in your clinical laboratory. Therefore, select a freezer with the right size suitable for the available space in your laboratory.